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ABC  of gelato. What you may not know about gelato…



These are fractionated oils and fats which originate in the tropics (palm and coconut, for example) and are often used as emulsifiers and stabilisers in the production of gelato. You know how industrial ice cream is often shaped like a mountain?Have you ever wondered how such a perishable product can be kept so perfectly formed? Well, it’s partly a result of the action performed by the mono and diglycerides.And just like carrageenans, here at Venchi we are not fond of mono and diglycerides either. Why’s that? Because they are obtained by chemically refining the waste sludge left over after tropical oil processing.We are very selective about what we like ... and we always prefer natural over artificial.


On average, artisan gelato contains just 23% air, while the mass-produced version contains up to 60% .This means that – yes – the handcrafted version is sometimes more compact.Beware of appearances though! More air in the gelato makes it bigger, ‘airier’, and warmer too. Gelato with less air in it is colder and more compact in the mouth.But while it is less voluminous, the artisan version contains more substance. Because it is made up almost entirely of real ingredients, not air.Unfortunately, the same can clearly not be said about industrial ice cream ...


Carrageenans are not popular at Venchi.To tell the truth, we prefer it if they steer clear of our stores! Caraggeenans are often used in the ice cream industry as stabilisers.Always remember to ask if there are any in the gelato you’re being served. If they don’t know then ... …hmm…perhaps you should be concerned!Carrageenans comes from a particular variety of seaweed and are currently suspected to be carcinogenic.


Handcrafted gelato is made using fresh, natural ingredients, so its colour must be... natural .Obvious, right?!

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