Venchi gelato was created in 2006 in response to a challenge we had set for ourselves. We wanted to be able to offer a new experience with a product that was different from chocolate but had the same natural ingredients, fresh sensations, and crafted feel.

We don’t use any industrial bases when producing our ice-cream, just a few simple, select, natural ingredients, such as water, fresh milk, fresh dairy cream, sugar, fibre, eggs, top-quality fruit, IGP-certified Piedmont hazelnuts, and our chocolate Venchi.

Our gelato offers rich, all-Italian flavours, with completely natural colours. No bright green for the pistachio or vivid pink for the strawberry. The shades are the exactly the same as the fruit they come from.


If you want to know more and learn how to distinguish an artisan gelato from an industrially produced one, why not take a look at our ABC of gelato.