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  • Our secret
    The secret of our gelato? Simplicity: few, rigorously selected raw materials are blended together to bring out the authentic, genuine flavour of each and every ingredient. Our recipes – simple and balanced – combine the most traditional Italian gelato flavours with new, intriguing seasonal pairings. Some of our flavours are just the natural extension of Venchi’s most classic and beloved recipes, such as Nougatine and Cuor di Cacao. Our gelato is as natural and as tasty as the ingredients it is made of. Its texture is soft and creamy, not greasy. Its structure is full-bodied, not bloated with air. The colour is never bright or artificial because it simply reflects the natural tones of the raw materials: that’s why our renowned IGP Piedmont hazelnut or Sicilian pistachio gelatos are light and delicate and not unnaturally vivid.
  • How we make it
    We rigorously take care of each step of the gelato production, blending only few ingredients of controlled origin for a clean, authentic and “primitive” taste like the one of the first sorbets ever made in Italy 1,000 years ago, in Sicily, mixing the snow from Mount Etna with succulent, all-natural fruit juice. We use only real fruits, our fine chocolate blends, I.G.P. Piedmont hazelnuts, Bronte pistachios, pasteurised eggs, milk and cream or water for sorbets, and vegetable fibres. We do not use any chemical flavourings, fruit aromas, colourings, additives or taste enhancers, thickeners such as alginates of carrageenans, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, hydrogenated fats, vanillin.

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